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For the time being Sheargolds has moved to appointment only, please book here. Find the age of your Chappell Piano using your serial number and the table below. The serial number on an Chappell piano is usually located on the metal frame. Open the top lid of the piano and look at the right hand side. Established in in Bond Street London. Kemble Piano Co manufactured Chappell pianos under license until , see Kemble for later serial numbers. We regularly have second hand Chappell upright pianos in stock.

Yamaha U3: 10 Reasons why it’s a great choice

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These pianos are built in the “old-world” tradition of hand craftsmanship even to this The Yamaha Disklavier player piano system is by far the best reproducing​.

In the s and early ’90s, with Yamaha’s help, Korg expanded dramatically, producing some of the first affordable digital recorders and physical-modelling instruments. But it was their world-class synths, such as the M1 and Wavestation, that made them the company they are today At the end of last month’s article, we left Keio Electronic in a strange position.

By the mid-’80s, they had carved a significant niche for themselves, and won the respect of keyboard players everywhere, without ever becoming a market leader. A handful of products — most notably the PolySix and Poly — had sold well, but it wasn’t likely that you’d see these on Top Of The Pops or on stage at Reading Festival. What’s more, the company had not attained permanent financial stability, and its proprietor, Tsutomu Katoh, had injected his own money as development capital on numerous occasions.

So in , Katoh embarked upon a series of strategies and developments that would see his company rise to become a pivotal player in the synthesizer and keyboard markets. In this, the second of our three-part history of the company now known as Korg, we chart the evolution of some of the most successful electronic products ever to grace the stage or studio. However, before looking at the products themselves, we should first turn our attention to the corporate developments that were taking place within Keio Electronic at this time.

To begin with, there was the creation of a permanent offshoot of the Japanese company in America. The roots of this lie in the early s, with the assimilation of ACA the Amplifier Corporation of America by a company called Unicord. This led to the manufacture of a series of valve amplifiers released under the Univox name. Around this time, the company began its association with Keio Electronic, eventually importing synthesizers, rhythm machines and effects units, and rebranding them as Univox products for the US market.

Secondly, Keio Electronic realised that their Korg brand was far better known than the company’s actual name, and changed their corporate name to Korg Inc, thus giving the company and their products a single, focused corporate identity.

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Heid Music, Tree Lane, is a retailer for Yamaha pianos, but into houses and seeing kids 4 years old and just starting piano lessons.

Manufacturing is an art form in Japan which means build quality and quality control is consistently high. Quality does come at a price of course which is why many manufacturers are now opening factories in China, Indonesia and other places that don’t have a great reputation for build quality. I always remember This Article from a few years ago which gives credit to both Japanese and Chinese attitudes to “getting things done” albeit sometimes in very different ways.

This is worrying because it suggests manufacturers are putting their focus on cost rather than focussing on producing high quality products. The Yamaha U1 used to be made there and it probably still is for the local Japanese market but the Yamaha U1 is now made in various factories all around the world. I know that whilst Kemble’s UK factory was still in operation closed in they were making the Yamaha U1 on behalf of Yamaha.

Conclusion: Japanese pianos such as the Yamaha U3 have a consistently high build quality. They are a very safe purchase. The Yamaha U3 must be the best-selling “proper piano” not including digital or entry level pianos of the past 2 or 3 decades. They are popular with piano shops because customer never complain about them and they are popular with customers because of the great sound quality, reliability and sensible price.

There are so many people looking to buy a Yamaha piano that you are guaranteed to achieve a good selling price if you decide to sell yours in future. Used Yamaha piano prices are rising every month which means a Now is a good to buy and b You can expect a good return on your investment in future. The Yamaha U3 has long been the choice of professional musicians for use in their own homes where musicians require the best quality pianos but they don’t have space for a grand piano.

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The brothers began selling Yamaha pianos in Korea under an agreement with the firm. For approximately nine years, beginning in , Young Chang and Yamaha entered into an agreement where Yamaha shipped partially completed pianos from Japan, to the Young Chang factory in Inchon, S. There, the company performed final assembly work.

Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers. Some pianos do not have serial numbers when they are.

Buyers want the reliability and beauty of the traditional product but are also keen on the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and modernity provided by electric innovations. With a hybrid, they can have it both ways. We are, of course, talking about pianos. Sales figures for acoustic pianos have long made for depressing reading. Over the past decade, sales of upright pianos have dropped by That decline is accelerating. Last year, sales of grand pianos in America—a key market—fell by Sales of upright pianos fell by 5.

One might assume that the piano is falling out of favour. But the figures do not reveal the whole picture.

Piano industry revives as housing market recovers

Some of the most commonly asked questions about our services relates to piano tuning and how much it costs. The simple answer to the question is that all pianos differ, and the rates will vary. Piano tuning is exactly what it implies… the tuning pins will be moved with a tuning hammer , and set to the appropriate tension in order to produce the correct sound.

The way a piano plays is NOT affected by normal piano tuning. In fact, the action or mechanics of the piano are not regulated or removed during the course of normal piano tuning. If the action of the piano has a problem before the piano is tuned, it will have the same problem after tuning unless repairs or regulation are performed to correct it.

There is now a huge glut of these old pianos, even though demand has gone.” Reason adds: “Yet if you can buy a sought-after piano which has.

Friday 21 August Music news feed. By Paul Kendall. Then, with a jolt, the giant yellow arm jabs forward and lands on top of the piano. Wood splinters and the instrument tips backwards, hitting the ground with a tuneless clang. Metal screeches on metal. One leg flies off, another skids across the yard. This place, a recycling depot on the outskirts of Bristol, is just one site where pianos come to die.

Yamaha Piano Dating

As we have serial young children who your piano, how of the first things we did after settling in was to look for a shop with piano rental service. We were serial by friendly staff the second we walked in. Throughout the process he and his co-workers were very helpful, courteous, patient, and knowledgeable. Evan later introduced us dating Marcus, dating showed our children around and encouraged them your try out different models.

The serial number on YAMAHA VERTICAL PIANOS is stamped on the gold colored plate on the inside of the piano as illustrated in the vertical piano picture.

The serial number can be seen by opening the toplid of the piano and looking inside. Yamaha Pianos produced for the North American market have been manufactured in 4 locations:. As a result, there are four different serial number ranges for Yamaha pianos. Home Support Serial Numbers. Finding the Age of Your Yamaha Piano. If the serial number begins with a “T”, the piano was manufactured in Thomaston, Georgia.

If the serial number begins with a “U”, the piano was manufactured in South Haven, Michigan. If the serial number begins with an “H”, the piano was manufactured in Hangzhou, China. If the serial number begins with “YT”, the piano was manufactured in Taoyuan, Taiwan. If the serial number begins with “J”, the piano was manufactured in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Yamaha M1B Ivory Console Piano Used